Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I have so many awesome things to blog about but I lost the cord that connects my camera to my computer so I can't show you my fun pictures! Noooo!

Anyway the most important thing for you to know is that I love him SO MUCH!

So now I am forced to post old pictures from the fall

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Of course I had to blog about my engagement! Blake proposed on December 19 and we're getting married on May 1! Be there...  So in honor of my most exciting post ever, I thought I'd tell everyone the story of our rencontre, or "chance meeting" if you will

It was the glorious day of June 30, and I was at the UVSC party they threw for turning into UVU.  I went with my sister Tiffany and our awesome friend Laura.  We were walking out when I saw Blake standing with a bunch of his friends.  I recognized him from high school and thought I should go say hi.  I was kind of scared because I didn't think he knew me and I didn't want to to look dumb in front of all of his friends.  I decided to just leave but then he looked over at me like he recognized me, so I thought i would just say hi.  I grabbed his arm and said "Are you Blake?" and so it began....

To make a long story short, while we were talking his phone kept ringing.  Finally he looked at it and said "I'm really sorry, this is my friend from my mission" I told him to answer it of course.  He did, and then he started speaking to someone really quickly in Spanish.  Little did I know that his "friend from his mission" was his old mission companion Dallin who was standing 5 feet behind me.  Dallin called Blake to tell him in Spanish that he should ask me out.  Blake said he was too shy but maybe he would.  

After he hung up (and this whole time i was thinking he was talking to some long lost friend or something)  We kept talking, and that's when Blake's other friend Brandon took THIS picture:

(taken on his phone so it's kind of blurry..)

He showed it to Blake right after I left (I think?) and said "you need to ask this girl out, you had this big smile the whole time you two were talking" (CUTE!!!)  So Blake did... about a half an hour later.... :)

Fast forward about six months and here we are:

SO happy, SO grateful, SO excited! Merry Christmas!

(P.S: This picture is of my left hand I promise, it looks like my right hand because the picture got turned backwards somehow)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Because the excitement of CHRISTMAS must sadly be dulled by the stressfulness of FINALS, I am attempting, however unsuccessfully, to look on the bright side.

-Negative: I have no time to do anything but study 
-Positive: Blake and I can study together, ya know, the whole kill two birds thing... 

(Blake is a little better at staying focused than I am)

-Negative: I have to cram my brain with so much knowledge which normally wouldn't be a bad thing but when I have professors who I don't agree with at all and I have to study their "theories" on things like the nature of homosexuality and why the Proclamation to the Family is flawed
-Positive: I have more things to blog about??

-Negative: Severe lack of sleep
-Positive: I get to sit by my window and study at 3 in the morning and experience the exquisite solitude of the first few snowfalls of the season in the quiet darkness over Utah Valley

Alright so maybe some of them are a stretch, but I'm still incredibly grateful to be getting a world class education at BYU, or at least that's what I keep reminding myself during finals season

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Lisa my gorgeous and extremely talented sister is doing my hair.  I will have three inches of re-growth no more! Hurray!

Update: My hair is naturally turning kind of strawberry blonde

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I wish

that lisa would give me private blog lessons, so i could learn how to add more friends to my friend list thing on the side, and figure out how to change my background, and add music to my blog.

I also wish I could get into a French class from 2-2:50 next semester so i can keep it as my minor

I also wish I didn't have to go to campus right now to watch a French film, I wish i could stay here in my bed and study for finals so i don't turn into a stressball of fiery misery and I can go into finals at least somewhat prepared

I wish Blake wasn't at work and could come over right now

I wish I had a dang job that would work with my schedule next semester

I wish timing was better... no need to elaborate, that's all.

Je souhaite que je peux etre heureuse et pas pense a des choses que je n'ai pas, au lieu je peux pense a tous mes bénédictions