Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Beginnings...

No, not the YW program. I'm talking about new beginnings in my life. Today Blake and I saw our apartment for the first time (for me) and it is Beautiful! I am so excited! Now all that's left is to start decorating.... we're going to paint some of the rooms sometime in March maybe. It's a good thing I'm so stinkin bad at making decisions. I have been going back and forth with about 18 different wedding dresses so far and STILL don't know for sure which one i want. At least I narrowed it down to 3 options as of this morning. (P.S HELP FRIENDS!? Should I wear a Cinderella poofy one, a really fitted calmer one, or a sweet vintage lacy one?) (P.P.S Not the actual dresses, but very similar)

I don't know where I want the reception, I don't know my colors, I don't know what food I want to serve, whether or not I want a band, who our photographer is, what the overall "theme" of our reception will be or how I want to do my hair, but at least I know I'm really happy and excited!

On a non-wedding related note: I know my major finally! I'm for sure going to be a Political Science major with a minor in French. Finalement! Je sais quoi je veux faire avec ma vie!

Now back again to the wedding related note: help me! I would love your input! and to everyone who has helped me so much already (i.e Marilee Killpack.. .and mom) THANK YOU!