Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Because I absolutely MUST

Since the creation of my glorious blog, I've tried (rather unsuccessfully) to avoid a lot of my own political analysis.  I've strayed from my primary objective to post adorable pictures of nieces and nephews and fill you in on the recent happenings of my quite eventful life (also, unsuccessfully).  

That was fun for awhile, but now I absolutely no matter what cannot afford to remain quiet any longer.  We've all heard it said: This is quite possibly the most important election we've ever faced.  Not only because we're faced with the option of electing a Muslim who may have been lying about being born in the United States, who has clear, indisputable ties to William Ayers, a self proclaimed anarchist and known terrorist, (it is so incredible to me that that's not even enough evidence for people to stop supporting his candidacy), but also because the controversial, emotional, offensive, and dare I say it, MORAL issue of PROPOSITION 8! Purple, how fitting.

Being a BYU student gives me the opportunity to hear from incredible speakers (with the minor exception of Harry Reid, whose visit I boycotted) every Tuesday.  Today I was lucky enough to hear the most powerful talk on the sanctity of marriage and the value of human life.  

Robert P. George is the founder and director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions and the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University and has more degrees than I can even remember.  He spoke to us about the moral purposes of law and government.  I attended the forum (and shamefully admit it was the first I've been to all semester) because I didn't have anything else to do between 11:05 and 12:05 Tuesday afternoon and I am so incredibly glad that I did.

Robert George spoke about the importance of limited government, but the dangers of libertarianism.  He made a strong point of telling us that law and government exist to protect and serve individuals, not the other way around.  Government exists for the people.  One of my favorite quotes of this portion of his talk was when he said "the commitment to limited government is itself the fruit of moral conviction."

He addressed the fact that those of us who firmly believe that any other marriage than that between a man and a woman is destructive not only to society but also to the psyche and general well-being of it's children, are the vast minority these days.  We need to stand up for what's right and what we believe in.  He said "speak it lovingly, speak it kindly, but speak it firmly." 

Here are a few of my favorite things he said about marriage  (these quotes are not verbatim, this is the best that I can remember, and I can't find the transcript or video of it online):
1.  There is a reason that all cultures treat marriage as a public concern and even legally recognize it.  Marriage is the indispensable foundation of the family. 
2.  Children are gifts, gifts that solidify the couple as a unit.

              Pretty basic so far, but now it gets scary...
3.  Once we've given up the idea of marriage as a male/female ratio, there is only a thin layer of moral standing keeping us from legalizing marriage between 3 or more people!!!!
I never NEVER thought about that! Seriously, if we think that a strong bond between same sexed people, call it "love" if you must, is enough to create a marriage, then what's to say that a group of people, say three close girlfriends who get along really well and have a strong bond with each other, decide that they are in love and want to get married...all of them... to each other.  What's stopping them? Certainly not the constitution (if prop 8) doesn't pass.  It's the inevitable next step

4. The three states that have legalized gay marriage (MA, CT, CA) have not done so because of a strong democratic voice by the citizens of those states, but because of the "creative interpretation of the constitution by socially liberal judges."  So much for government BY the people.  

Some people say that they don't know why Utahns care so much about Prop 8, after all, "it doesn't even directly affect us"
Well, in the words of Dwight Shrute: False.

Once states start legalizing this, the Full Faith and Credit Clause will make it so Utah will have to recognize their unions.  The judiciary will find us.

On Abortions:  he compared abortion to Hitler's German phrase, (I wish I could remember it in German, Natalie could tell me how to say it, she served her mission there) anyway, the Nazi phrase that they used to describe the Jews, and it means "a life unworthy of a life"

Food for thought.

So, to clarify, I do NOT hate gay people by any means, I just feel very strongly that marriage between a man and woman is ordained of God.  I don't wish to infringe on their rights, but when their rights to marriage infringe on my rights to raise a family with as minimally skewed view as possible on morality, the way society functions, and love, then it crosses the line.  

Move to Iran, they love gay people there.

Please vote.  Unless you disagree with me, then please do not.  Also, women don't forget it took us 75 years to get the vote, don't belittle the incredible sacrifices and advancements of our foremothers by not voting

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear Blogging Community,

I NEED you! When I'm sitting in my classes listening to my professors drone on, occasionally my fingers slip to navigate my laptop screen away from my Word Document full of pointless notes (that are always included on blackboard anyway) to the fill in the blank URL of some www.---------------.blogspot.com web address.

Suddenly my world transforms from lecture slides to hilarious anecdotes and musings from my closest friends.  I laugh as I read the Julie Garbutt's of the world's critique of their latest dates.  I am inspired by the Lauren Stratton's incredibly unique sense of style, and the Aly Williams penchant for photography.  I smile in my head when I read the Chelsea Gould's unique "Chelsea-isms" (and cringe at her sicko pictures from her cadaver classes).  I am entertained by the Kristy Wilson's sarcastic tones and of course, my heart is warmed when I see the beautiful pictures of the families of the Lisa Deans, the Natalie Clawsons and the Stephanie Grants.  The list goes on and on...

So, dear sweet blogging community, you can see how dependent I am on you.  When you fail to post regularly (and I KNOW I am the pot calling the kettle black when I make these claims considering I am the world's most inconsistent blogger, and can't even figure out how to link my friends to my bloggy thing, but no one is depending on me for their happiness so get off my back about it) but anyway, when you fail to post regularly, I am forced to pay attention in my endless hours of classes.  

Please, do us all a favor and keep it coming.

Passionately yours,
Michelle Lee

(P.S. I sincerely hope no one thinks it is creepy that i really like their blogs.  My intent behind this post was to keep my friends, and not make them want to get a restraining order against me)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'm writing in red because I'm mad that NONE OF MY PICTURES WORK when I try to load them on my blog! FYI I put some way cute pictures of bangs online but alas, none of you will get to see them...

p.s. I got bangs, and they're awesome, but you'll never know now, will you?

I am a terrible, poor excuse for a blogger.