Sunday, March 22, 2009

I know, i know

I totally win the worst blogger award. I've been terrible lately! There are no excuses for my lack of updates, except maybe that I'm planning a wedding, and going to school full time, and working, and my camera cord is lost, and who really wants to see a blog with no pictures? But i couldn't not blog about the amazing day I had! First I went to Blake's parents' house this morning for bridal shower #1. It was so fun to see most of his cousins and get to visit with them. I am ridiculously lucky to be able to marry into this family. They are so much fun, and such great people! His family has always been so sweet to me and I couldn't pick better in-laws. Holy cow, I cleaned up at that shower! We got incredible gifts! We are so lucky! This is a great way to start out our lives. Right after that I went over to Tawny's for bridal shower #2. I LOVED seeing all the girls again! It has been so long since I've seen anyone! I have great pictures that i want to upload so bad but alas, it cannot be done... Tawny and Jennica, as everyone already knows, are unbelievable. They went all out and really did so much for me. I am so grateful for them! I had such a fun day.

After all that, I had to run home to type a paper that was due this afternoon, and then I went to mine and Blake's apartment to finish painting it with him, but when i got there i saw that he and his dad had already painted the whole living room. SO NICE!!! I was so excited!

I can't believe how quicky everything is happening. The countdown is on. 41 days, in case anyone was wondering... Man there is still so much to be done but every time it gets stressful or overwhelming I just think about how incredible it is that I get to be with Blake forever and how lucky I am. Then the stress goes away and the excitement comes back! I am so grateful for this gospel and for eternal families. We are so lucky.

By the way: along with wedded bliss comes a joint blog. Stay tuned...


kayla & tyler said...

I love your engagements! I saw a couple of them on facebook! you two sure look good together. hope all the wedding plans are coming along good. ENJOY this time in your life, it's so much fun!

Jessi Sawyer said...

Your pictures are incredible! I'm excited for you.